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Reithoffer Venue - Front View

Reithoffer’s | Art, Spirits & Entertainment

East Side

Max 200 guest capacity Indoor/Outdoor Historic

Reithoffer’s Art, Spirits & Entertainment, also known as Hoff’s, was founded by Jason and Debby Wein in 2019. Named after the building’s previous owner, John Reithoffer, Hoff’s is an eclectic venue that offers its patrons a wide range of experiences for both public and private events.

Reithoffer had an eclectic eye for what many would call junk, but the talented team of glassblowers, welders, woodworkers and fabricators at Cleveland Art would call treasure. Many items left by Reithoffer were repurposed into the property during renovations done by Cleveland Art, a company famous for repurposing industrial material into artistic furniture and lighting.

From our two handmade bars, elegant lighting and chandeliers, art sprawled on the walls, to the building’s doors, everything at Hoff’s tells a story. This truly unique venue that offers space for up to 100 people inside the building, and well over 200 people throughout our outdoor facilities.

When the venue is not rented for private events, Hoff’s regularly hosts concerts, art shows and festivals, as well as workshops to teach guest’s artistic skill like, glasswork, metalwork, woodwork and more.

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