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Normandy Clam bake catering menu

Clambake Catering

Clambake catering is perfect for a summer/fall gathering or celebration. Most Cleveland clambakes include clams, the star of the meal (of course), but also other mouthwatering seafood options like crab legs and lobster. Don’t forget to pair it with all the essential sides. Sides like corn on the cob and potatoes are the ultimate seafood companions. And of course, a dash of fresh lemon and a bit of melted butter make every seafood dish that much more savory.

Some of our favorite clambake catering menu items to recommend include steamed middle neck clams served with drawn butter and lemon wedges, New England clam chowder (of course!) and linguini with clam sauce. Don’t forget your sides! We like to pair our seafood offerings with sweet buttered potatoes and our famous Ohio-grown corn on the cob. And have a little dessert, why don’t you? Try our cinnamon bread pudding! Though clambakes are most popular on the coasts where there are a lot of clams, lobster and crab, places like Cleveland and other Midwestern spots know how to whip up a successful clambake feast. Whether you’re planning an important business meeting or a summer soirée with family and friends, we’re here to make sure it’s swimmingly good.

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