Cleveland Caterer Normandy’s Top Tips!

1.) Can butter go rancid? Oxidation will take its toll on butter just like any other fat. It tends to react with the unsaturated fats and causes rancidity. This reaction can be slowed down if the butter is either under refrigeration or placed into the freezer. Butter should always be kept tightly wrapped.

2.) Cottage cheese is a United States original and is made from skimmed milk. It is always sold in a soft texture with different sized curds. If the label says “cured by acidification”, it will be a synthetic product. Cottage cheese only retains 25-50% of the calcium from milk due to the processing.

3.) To keep cheese longer without mold forming, put it in a plastic container with a tight seal. Place a piece of paper towel that has been dampened with white vinegar in the bottom of the container before adding the cheese. Also, try adding 5-6 sugar cubes for any mold that does get in. The mold will go for the sugar, not the cheese.

4.) What is margarine made from? Regular margarine must contain no less than 80% fat along with water, milk solids, salt, preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial colors, and flavorings. The fat may be tropical oils, which are high in saturated fat or any of the polyunsaturated oils. The higher quality margarines will use corn or safflower oils. Soft margarines are produced from vegetable oils and do not have milk solids added.

1.) Become friends with the clerks at your local wine store. Add yourself to the store’s email list to stay informed about in-store events and sales. Attend free tastings to “try before you buy.” Ask for bargain wine suggestions—clerks are happy to share great finds. Finally, take advantage of frequent shopper or case discounts to build your wine collection.

2.) Find great wine on the cheap. There is no shortage of wines costing upwards of $100. Much more satisfying to new grads on a budget is finding inexpensive bottles that taste anything but. France’s Languedoc region produces excellent whites, reds and rosés that won’t deplete your checking account, and South America is also known for great wine bargains.

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