Catering Cleveland with Normandy: European Cheese

Les Causses, France

The great French blue, Roquefort rears its massive head high above the other classic blues of Europe. First, it is the senior, at least in terms of recorded history. We know Charlemagne feasted upon the cheese, loved it, and extended a primitive patent on the cheese to the villagers of Roquefort-sur-Salzon. It also reigns in terms of flavor. The paste of the cheese alone is a masterpiece; Sheep’s milk expresses a lingering richness, piquant fruit note, and a smelly, gamey quality. These flavors combined with its saltiness, the mouth-filling mold, and sticky-soft paste make for one of the most flavorful cheeses on earth. Seek out those from the smaller producers, particularly Coulet, Papillion, and Carles.

English Farmhouse Cheddar
Somerset, England

This is REAL cheddar, the ORIGINAL, if you will. There is no confusing this with the cheddars that pepper supermarket shelves even though they aim to be copies. English Farmhouse Cheddar is full flavored, mellow, grassy, mature and delicious before, during, or as the entire meal by itself. Pairs extremely well with apples and a frosty beer!

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