Did you know?

Storing Corn
If you plan on storing corn, always keep it in a cool, dry location and keep the ears from touching each other to avoid mold. As corn warms up, the sugar tends to convert to starch very quickly. In fact, the ears of corn at the bottom of bins in supermarkets will be less sweet due to the heat generated by the weight of the ears on top.

Celery in a Bloody Mary
Putting a stalk of celery into a Bloody Mary and using it as a swizzle stick came about in the 1960’s. It began when a celebrity needed something to stir his drink with and grabbed a stalk of celery from a nearby relish tray in the restaurant in the Ambassador East Hotel in Chicago.

Cheese Sauce
The French name for cheese sauce is Mornay. It is considered a daughter sauce of béchamel. To make a cheese sauce, you start with a béchamel, then you add lots of grated cheese to the mixture. This is the ideal base for macaroni and cheese or nacho cheese sauce. It’s also addictive when served as a dip alongside broccoli, cubes of bread, or pretzels.

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